Raw Cashew Nut

Raw Cashew is imported from African countries like Togo, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, and Benin. These countries are the main sources of raw cashew for us.

Raw cashews are 5% water, 30% carbohydrates, 44% fat, and 18% protein (table). In a 100 gram reference amount, raw cashews provide 553 Calories, 67% of the Daily Value (DV) in total fats, 36% DV of protein, 13% DV of dietary fiber and 11% DV of carbohydrates.  Cashews are rich sources (20% or more of the DV) of dietary minerals, including particularly copper,  manganese,  phosphorus,  and magnesium (79-110% DV), and of thiamin, vitamin B6 and vitamin K (32-37% DV) (table). Iron, potassium, zinc, and selenium are present in significant content (14-61% DV) (table).  Cashews (100 grams, raw) contain 113 milligrams (1.74 gr) of beta-sitosterol.